Our first Compilation: MiamiCyberNights – Volume 1

Ever since their first event in 2017, Miami Cyber Nights has been instrumental in shaping the German Synthwave scene. As the largest recurring event series of its kind in Germany, they have brought together fans from all over the country and beyond to their unique shows.

Ranging from Dreamwave and Synthpop, to the darker styles of Synthwave, they have hosted a variety of newcomers and big names, always a bit out of the ordinary and always giving their everything to deliver not only a concert, but an immersive and memorable overall experience

With this sampler, we want to present a sample of some of the greatest acts that have played at Miami Cyber Nights for the last 3 years. Each one of these artists have shaped what MiamiCyberNights has become, and most of them continue to define it to this day.

Miami Cyber Nights was always about introducing something new to their audience, something they might not have discovered otherwise – we are therefore incredibly excited to present some previously unreleased and rare tracks on this record. We sincerely hope this carefully selected sampler will take you onto a discovery journey similar to that you may find at an event; and you maybe even find your new favorite tune.

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